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There are more than 4 million DESPLAZADOS in Colombia.

That's to say 1 on 10 Colombians. .

A DESPLAZADO is an INTERNAL DISPLACED PERSON: a person who has been forced to run away from his own home, leaving their lands, their possessions, their fields. However, has not exceed the boundaries of his country. The media and international agencies focus primarily on external refugees, those that cross international confinements, underestimating the number of people living in their own country but not in their own home.

The number of DESPLAZADOS constantly grows: 200 thousand refugees a year.

Why are they DESPLAZADOS? .

Because they have DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY threated by paramilitar or militar forces in the 50-year-long Colombian civil war.

90% of DESPLAZADOS don’t have the fundamental right to have an own house. Therefore, they live in shacks made of wood.

50% of desplazados don’t have the fundamental right to have a dignified feeding. They Live with less than 1700 calories per day, below the average of the peoples in emergency.

33% of desplazados don’t have the fundamental right to have an education. Children's access to education is very difficult .

To the 25% of the DESPLAZADOS the fundamental right to the health is not recognized. Therefore they live in a constant state of physical weakness.


How can you help?



Animosa Onlus has 4 projects of feeding, education, health and sport in progress in Colombia. Support them to help the desplazados. .


Read the book ofAnimosa Onlus, "Read "L’Africa d’Oltreoceano". Learn more about the social situation of desplazados in Colombia.


Support directly Animosa Onlus You can make a donation, participate in our initiatives in Italy and come with us to Colombia..



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